Private Trainings & Consultations with Dr. Amador

Monthly Clinical Service With Dr. Amador

Families and clinicians from all over the country attend monthly trainings to learn the LEAP approach from Dr. Amador himself. This very intimate seminar with Dr. Amador occurs over the course of two days in Riverhead, NY.

Day 1: You will learn the LEAP approach for communicating with loved ones/patients with serious mental illness. The main goal is to either repair broken relationships and/or build on trusting relationships to help the person accept treatment and services.

Day 2: Reserved for private consultations with Dr. Amador to discuss your specific needs and goals. This consultation can sometimes occur on day 1 if needed. After the consultation, we offer follow-up and ongoing support and peer supervision.

This event is open to a maximum of ten families/Clinicians (single or pairs) on a first-come, first-served basis. In some instances, for families, a portion of the consult fee may be reimbursed by health insurance. We will assist as needed.


New Dates Coming Soon!