The LEAP Institute has trained tens of thousands of psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, social workers and other mental health professional around the world. If you have participated in a LEAP training and would like to be added to the list, please contact us at
This new web-based referral network is in response to the numerous requests we have been handling on a one-on-one basis—so please bear with us as we expand the list. Professionals listed in the referral network who are not LEAP Institute Faculty are independent practitioners and are not employees, subcontractors or affiliates of LEAP Institute. LEAP Institute/LEAP Associates LLC make no representations as to the level of licensure/certification status or level of expertise. We provide the referral network purely as a public service to help you connect with professionals who have successfully completed a LEAP Practitioner-I training. To find someone in your area, please scroll down the list.Thank you.

**Names in bold are members of the LEAP Faculty


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New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
South Dakota
The Netherlands
Saudi Arabia
New Zealand


Referrals in California

Huntington Beach
Patricia Wynne (Therapist),,562-592-1231
Los Angeles
Chin Eng Teo (MFTI),,213-252-2146
**Sanjeet Sihota (MSW),,310-963-0714
Lucrecia Tellez (Family Specialist),,760-391-6979
Eunsook Seong (PSW),,213-252-2145
Szu-Ying Wu (Men.Health Clinician),,213-268-5261
Rosario Eguino (M.E.T.),,213-924-2096
Jane Grauman (L.C.S.W.),,323-634-3802
Linda Diamond (L.C.S.W),,310-440-1168
Janet Steinberg (Comm. M.H. Worker),,
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Dennis Thompson (M.A.),,626-798-6847

Van Nuys
Claire Merrill (Recovery Specialist),,818-989-7475
Mary Harpel (Peer Counselor & MSW in Gerontology),,818-621-1547
San Diego
Kathy Rose (Psychotherapist),,858-735-5486
Marita Cadena (Clinical Director),,714-245 6881 x 129
Dennis Wobler (Reg. Opr. Dir.),,619-254-9157
Aaron Mickaelian (CSW),,619-964-8945
Nelida Guzman (M.H. Promote),,323-907-4639
**Jim Fix (Psy D),, 760-717-5807
**Jason Camu (Psy D),,760-828-3835
Thomas Franio (CSW),,626-872-1481
Ranjani Lochan (Psychologist),,760-285-0369
Mary Woods (Reg.Admin. MFT),,619-683-3100
Trish Warr (ACT team lead MFT),,619-683-3100
Tia Metcalf (MS IMF),,619-275-8000
Tara Booth (Psychologist),,619-481-4376
Gary Hubbard (Reg. Dir. Oprtns),,619-788-4662
Megan Minnick (M.H. Counseling),,260-494-4740
Joel Rodelander (Counselor),,619-641-7159
Roselyna Rosado (CSW),,619-929-5683
Mary Jo Salcido,,619-370-7008

Thousand Oaks
Libbe Hale (Psychologist),,805-379-3210
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Referrals in Illinois

Amy Crossett (RN),,217-588-7720
Latisha O’Neal (Social Worker),,217-848-1002
Nikki Hernandez PhD (Clinical Psychologist),,734-673-1672
Yoli Holmes (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor),,217-245-6126
Hannah Melby (Peer Recovery Specialist),,812-679-8274
Naasha Nunoo-Ponder (LCPC),,309-827-5351
Jason Steele (Probation Services Juvenile Justice Services/Training Manager),,217-899-3387
Mike H. Takamori (VP Business/Finance and Certified Employee Assistance Professional),,1-800-433-7916
Adam Woehlke (LCPC Associate Director),,618-877-4420
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Referrals in Maine

Lea Winn (CSW),,207-406-1650[/table]
Referrals in Michigan
Laurie Albert (Social Work),,248-882-6718
Claudette R. Bond (Yoga Instructor and Retired Treasury Mgr.), ,313-407-0072 (Text or Voice)
Mary Brooks (LMSW ACSW),, 313-410-5283
Ann Elizabeth Burton (Licensed Professional Counselor),, 248-608-6471
Derek D. Cousino (RN),, 419-392-7904
Sherry Gerbi (Mental Health Trainer),, 248-709-6734
Melissa Gould (RN),, 734-454-8046
Karen Henry (Social Worker),, 810-241-7144
Daniel Hurley (Physician Assistant),, 248-224-3043
Helen Jositas (RN),, 248-693-4586
Marisa Karez (Physician Assistant),, 248-943-3368
Lila Massoumi (Psychiatrist),, 248-468-1889
Barbara R. Medvec (Nursing),, 734-429-5833
Laura Mueller (LLMSW),, 984-390-1230
Deanna Murray (Social Work),, 586-441-9663
Sherrill M. Rushman (Social Work/Education Specialist),, 248-860-8276
Sherri Solomon (Nursing),, 517-896-7042
Fiorella Spalvieri (RSW MPA Mental Health Director),, 269-343-6355
Kamela Torvinen (Silver Birch Integrated Holistic Healing & Consulting LLC),, 248-231-0825
Lori Warholak (Case Manager),, 248-745-1510
Kay L. Weber (Occupational Therapist),, 248-767-2471
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Referrals in New Hampshire

Amy Crossett (RN),,217-588-7720
Carin Whelehan,,603-668-4111
Julie Jeannette,,207-749-2464
Robyn Good,,978-771-7580
Amy Dascanio,,603-524-1100
Elana Mornison,,603-5241100×435
Stephanie D Bennett,,603-524-1100×215
Jacinda Jackson MA, ,605-856-5737
Lisa Jane Clark,,603-267-5967
Page Cannon,,603-228-8521
Liz Macaulay,,802-222-4412×106
Shannon K Libby,,603-271-1809
Diane Desharnais,
Patricia Carty,,603-668-4111×4157
Kristen Kraunelis,,603-668-4111
Art Sweed,,603-465-2847
Debbis Robinson,,603-271-1845
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Referrals in New Jersey

**Steven Simring(MD),,201-394-4711
Dinelia Rosa (Ph.D.),, 212-678-8105
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Referrals in New York

**David Schaich (Psy D),,917-923-2653
Dinelia Rosa (Ph.D.),, 212-678-8105

Long Island
Pegiann Miller (CSW),,631-750-2239
Donna Harris-Bryant (CSW),,631-727-6121
Laura Cavanagh (CM),,631-750-2241
Christine Johns (Sen. CM),,
Melissa Cornell (Serv.Coord.),,
Leighann Bell (Serv. Coord),,
Karen Nauss (Director),,631-947-2900
Tiffany Tobin (Medication Man.),,631-750-2258
Megan Yost (CSW),,
Jessica Aitken (Program Supervisor),,347-296-4480
Matthew Guerrido (Serv. Coord.),,
Melissa Locke (MH Counselor),,
Christine Anderson (Sr.Serv. Coord.),,
Maura Humphrey (Serv. Coord.),,631-727-6121
Charles Guli (Program Superv.),,631-331-0915
Brianne Cardaci (Case Manager),,631-331-0915
Robin Smith (CSW),,631-567-4781
Sinem Yilmaz (Sen. Case Mangr),,631-750-2254
Laura Kane (CSW),,631-750-2255
Joseph Falquecee (Case Mangr),,631-750-2240
Katrins Cucolo (Case Mangr),,631-750-2237
Lucille Demetres,,631-750-2217
Lori Torre (Sr. Case Mangr),,631-750-2264
Patricia Seaman (Service Coord.),,631-727-6121
Marian McAllister (Supervisor),,631-727-6121
Kurt Wesolowski (Supervisor),,631-750-2222
Katie Lassiter (CSW),,631-750-2248
Kim Tarpey (Sr. Case. Mangr),,631-750-2249
Erika Steil (Sr. Serv. Coord.),,631-567-4781
Sonia Troche-Nazario (Program Coord.),,631-750-2212
Michelle Bellafiore (Case Mangr.),,631-750-2244
Tricia Fesinstine (Coord. Fam. Services),,631-750-2242
Christine Velia (Coord. Of Development),,631-758-0474
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Referrals in Pennsylvania

Edie Mannion (LMFT),,215-751-1800 x3863
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Referrals in South Dakota

Theresa E. Plut (Mental Health Therapist),, 605-695-6870
Jill Donelan LPC-MH QMHP,, 605-480-3683
Dane Slater (Nurse),, 605-854-6008
Alex Hartman (Case Manager),, 605-854-6008
Stacie L. Thompson (Registered Nurse),, 605-256-8701
Kelley Backous (Case Manager BS),, 605-480-1326
Susan Wicks (Social Worker),, 605-256-9656
Jill Eggert (Nurse),, 605-772-5340
Colette Tolley (LPC),, 605-256-9656
Alicia Hibbison (Chemical Dependency Counselor),, 605-275-1338
Brenda Arntzen (Case Manager),, 605-256-9656
Kimberly Questad (Chemical Dependency Mental Health),, 605-275-1311
Allison Rouillard (Licensed Addiction Counselor LAC),, 701-741-3260
Kelsey Foote (LPC QMHP),, 605-350-3019
Andrew McDade (Social Work Therapist MSW LCSW QMHP),, 605-400-3589
Melinda Olson (Director of Prevention),, 605-444-6333
Rose Stephenson (Certified Addictions Counselor),, 605-256-9656
Brittany Olson (CCS Receptionist),, 605-936-8894
Liz Moeller (MH Therapist/LAC),,605-212-6315
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Sioux Falls
Phyllis Arends,,
David Osterquist,
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Referrals in Canada

Referrals in Alberta, Canada
Seanne Fortier,

Referrals in British Columbia, Canada
Crystal Matheson (LPN),,604-487-9050 ext.203
Marilyn Koulback (PHN),,250-494-8920
Debbie Hodges (Psychiatric Nurse),,604-485-3211
Ron Koros (Family Counselor),,604-485-2099
Valerie Kastelan (Psychiatric Nurse),,604-485-3300
Shelley Brand (CSW),,604-485-0055
Carol Battaglio (Psychologist),,778-835-2027
Lorraine Emmonds(Psychiatric Nurse),,604-483-6008
Colleen Unger (Care Aide),,604-485-0075
Saby Ramirez (Psychiatrist),,604-485-3300
Gail Bagri (BCSS Support Coordinator),,250-319-7667
Hardeep Third (Support Coordinator),,604-574-1976
Dolly Hall (BC Schizophrenia Soc.),,250-635-8272


Referrals in Montreal, Canada
Michael Arruda (Policier),,514-280-6820
Emilie Toubeix (Police Officer and Social Worker),,514-280-2823
Dominic Melasco S.W. (Social Worker Adult Mental Health Program),,514-707-1419
Stephen Snow PhD RDT-BCT (Drama Therapist), ,514-848-2424 Ext. 4641
Joanna Bailey (Nurse),,514-340-8222 Ext. 5177
Reno Gabrielli (Community Crisis Interventionist),,514-825-2027
Giovanne DiStefano (Police Officer),,514-214-7172
Carlo DeAngelis (Police Officer),,514-280-9111
Clive Olivier (Police Officer),,514-280-0103
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Referrals in Germany

**Frank Pajonk (MD),,+49 177 2348880
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Referrals in Greece

Dimos Dimellis (Psychiatrist),,
Filippos Kounikas (Psychiatrist),,+306972256180
Dimitrios Karaiskos (Psychiatrist),,+302107702022
Dr. Nikolaos Gkouvas (Psychiatrist),,+306874049953
Kotrotsiou Vasiliki(Psychiatrist),,+00302310257374
Dr. Paisanidou (Psychiatrist),,
Dr. Georgia Gkotsi (Psychiatrist),,+2551037807
Georgios Avraam (Psychiatrist),,+306942520100
Petsas Diantrigos (Psychiatrist),,+6973-595789
Dr. Evan Tsapakis (Psychiatrist),,+302810286346
Anna Gountela (Psychiatrist),,
Christina Leotsakou (Psychiatrist),,+306944767175
Marios Karachabios(Psychiatrist),,
Kalogeopoulou Katewol (Psychiatrist),,+00302106467978
Sophocles Chanas (Psychiatrist),,+306944425243
Petropoulou Angeliki (Psychiatrist),,6945-976990
Chrysanthi Kalaizi (Psychiatrist),,0030-210-2835281
Maria Kafonikolakou (Psychologist),,+306937081575
Myrto Verykios (Psychiatrist),,0030 6947564621
Athanasios Voutsinor (Psychiatrist),,+306932 260731
Dimitra Vallianou (Psychiatrist),,+6974711715
Nikolaos Nikolaidis (Psychiatrist),,+306937005898
Eugenia Triantafillou (Sociologist),,+2106016918
Kleopatra Avdellidou (Psychiatrist),,+6977346837
Dasoukis Duannis (Psychiatrist),,0030 6947823710
Fotios Morogiannis (Psychiatrist),,+030 6944570811
Nikolaous Avgerinoe (Psychiatrist),,+00306946575364
Periklis Rompotis (Psychiatrist),,+6945974807
Varnalis Theodoro (Psychiatrist),,
Papageoriou Kalliopi (Psychiatrist),,+00302241030002
Ismini Mailli (Psychiatrist),,
Elisa Voriadaki (Psychiatrist),,
Demitris Lennas (Psychiatrist),,
Elpida Lia (Psychiatrist),,+697777229
Dimitriadis Athanasios (Psychiatrist),,+6944802649
Nikos Nikolakakis (Psychiatrist),,+6977992513
Belimpasakis Dimitrios (Psychiatrist),,+00302104170027
Christodoulakis Theodosios (Psychiatrist),,+0302107220299
Pappa Dimitra (Psychiatrist),,+00302106452552
Patriki Fani (Psychiatrist),,+00306972251959
Dimitrios Roukas (Psychiatrist),,+00302107222951
Irini Segredou (Psychiatrist),,+6974757179
Christiolou Christina (O.T.),,
Panagiotis Kakkavas (Psychiatrist),,+306974800504
Marisa Papagathangelou (Psychologist),,+00306943800624
Irene Diamantopoulou (O.T.),,+6973767130
Christos Labiris (Psychiatrist),,
Theotilos Stergiou (Psychiatrist),,+302610274205
Constantina Votiriadou (Psychiatrist),
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Referrals in Ireland

Ursula Skerritt (MD),,+353 086-7716235
Emma Bainbridge (SRs),,+353 087-1386875
Fintan Byrne (MD),,+353 087-1264213
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Referrals in Mexico

Rene Lira (Ingenium ABP),,+52 (81) 8040-9418
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Referrals in The Netherlands

**Rokus Loopik (NP),,+31 6 81 42 06 15
Gertjan Meewis (SPV),,+31 6 51 96 83 41
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Referrals in New Zealand

**Emma Dore (MA),,00 64 9 378 9134
Michelle Cudby (Caregiver),,021 0810 7857
Anita Welsh (S W Schools),,021 408 267
Michelle Chinn (Social Worker),,021 858 850
Lisa Hansen (Advocate),,0210 270 2082
Teina Piripi (Alcohol and Drug Counsellor),,02 147 1160
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Referrals in Egypt

Dr. Mohammed Sharaf (Pharmacist),,+966 549090542
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Referrals in Jordan

Dr. Hanan Mohammed Alibrahim (Psychologist),,+966 506198700
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Referrals in Kuwait

Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan (Consultant Psychiatrist),,+965-50534534
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Referrals in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mohammed Saad Almuqahui (Psychiatrist),,00966 590063538
Dr. Abdulhameed Alhabeeb (Psychiatrist),,+960 504280558
Dr. Fahad Almansour(Psychiatrist),,00966 555152154
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Referrals in Turkey

We apologize for just having the names of those LEAP trained therapists.

Nihat Alpay

Sahap N. Erkoc

Munevver Hacioglu

Agah Aydin

Armagan Ozdemir

Mehmet Can Ger

Derya Ipekcioglu

Meltem Sevim Efe

Oya Guclu

Cuneyt Evren

Nese Ustun Guvenerogu

Birim Sungu Danisment

Ejder Akgun Yildirim

Sema Yesilyurt

Ramazan Konkan

Yasemin Gorgulu

Celal Calikusu

Ayten Erdogan

Ozden Uneri

Ayse Fulya Maner
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